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Archived Radio Broadcast

Sir Richard Bishop on WFMU, May 5, 2005 (streaming Real and MP3)
Sir Richard Bishop visits Brian Turner in the WFMU studios for an afternoon of tying together the worlds of Morocco, the Middle East, and Morricone. Includes an interview and live in-studio performance, plus recorded songs by Sir Richard and the Sun City Girls.

Web Exclusives

Drifters of G.T. (excerpt)  (0:59)  1 mb

Electoral Termites  (4:51)  4.6 mb

Uncle Jim Radio ID for KUSF  (0:46)  730 kb

SCG with Three Day Stubble, live Nov. 1, 2000 (excerpt)  (2:10)  2.1 mb

SCG live at The Pearl, Seattle, Feb. 2002 (excerpt)  (4:32)  4.3 mb

Other Labels

"Diet-Blue Morbid Attraction Soda" [excerpt]   (0:30) 300kb lo-fi
Part of SCG's audio cut-up collage from Scrape Audio Magazine #1 (1991)

Alvarius B & Dylan Nyoukis
"Interested in Fashion" [excerpt]   (2:19) 1.64mb lo-fi
From Sugar: The Other White Meat (Catsup Plate Records, 2003)

Pint Sized Spartacus
"Parting the Sea of Tranquility" (2:39)   2.50mb
From Pint Sized Spartacus (Gravelvoice, 1997)

Sir Richard Bishop
"Corpuscle" [excerpt] (3:12) 753kb lo-fi
From the Wooden Guitar compilation (Locust Music, 2003)

Streaming mp3 samples from the SUN CITY GIRLS back catalog.

330,003 Crossdressers from Beyond the Rig Veda

A Bullet Through the Last Temple

Sumatran Electric Chair

Box of Chameleons


Dante's Disneyland Inferno

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