¿Que Sun City Girls?

"Expect the SCG to take any corner of the world, any catchphrase or regurgiculture into their pasty homemade Arizona grown cobwombs and apply it with Bronto-Bronson sensitized, toasted, and rolled in delicate fiddlesticks. These measures are pounded like tent pegs into the listener's receptive ears, a meme ready audience.

photo by Toby Dodds

"One most resiliant mess I was able to watch had them ending a jazz-muzak-noise-rock show with a collage of sound jumping out of a guitar amp. The Sun City Girls walked air in circles, moved by chopsticks, around the heads of the front row, ranted to car and driver magazine with centerfold stick shift handlings and flaunt. Another member threw a well tinctured dixie cup of piss in a young drunk rock fan who kept tugging at a dress then used a globe of the world on a stick to show how Ra and Amon used it as a pogo stick in modern times. On the side of the stage an air burp puppeteer moved lung stuff in his mouth dropping hints to the mohawk in the front that he could grab the moment. A super hefty bag was mistaken for a hot air balloon and sent off into the second row of gawkers who turned all eyes to watch it fall. Mohawk takes up the diplomat SCG bass and begins to jam out while the girls are still flashing insight to the dumstruck 'Waiting to Pogot' crowd.

photo by Brian McDonald

"10 action filled minutes later there is a quick flutter of Saudi dress and they are gone. People start to applause but stop, not sure if what they saw existed on an entertainment level or they had been 'had'. No one I met afterwards wanted to comment on it excpet 'wierd'. The actual moment had to sink in a little on the visceral level before the mental level could be addressed.

"Now years later these reformed rock sparrows are full of thunderbolts and heroism as they pledge to the Mecca (door person)(pledge in the form of admittance pesos) to get the brain noodle slip strap dropped in demon possessed disparagement. The greatest show in the world!? Will they eat glue or remember that each other's shoe has to be tied with some flamenco accompanyment? With this (un?) musical meddle of honor thrown to the winds with super storage of culture and music collective muckery they fondle, why not. Why not let these infected lepers of peculiar world circumcism tug at your upper case gray pelt?

"This plea goes out to the owners of volcano filled land masses where they might be able to worry the molten rock with an asbestos jet airplane concert."

— Bonniebon