Official Sun City Girls Discography:

A Bullet Through the Last Temple
Carnival Folklore Resurrection vol. 4

A Bullet Through the Last Temple - CD cover
CD cover

2000: CD (Abduction: ABD 015)

Limited edition of 1000. Recorded live by Scott Colburn at Gravelvoice, Seattle, in December 1997.

Guests: David Carter (trumpet) on trax 1,2,5,7,9; Teri Nelson Zagar (upright bass) on trax 4 & 8.

"Sun City Girls' first full foray into the jazz whirl feels more like an inspired AACM session than the ironic ethnic forgery we might've expected. Really great." -- Slippy Town Guide to Sound Recordings, 2003

"This one features 9 shorter instrumental tracks, some with a campfire freak-out flare ('In The Bosom of Ungle'), others with a full flight swinging jazz methodology ('NARCOLODIC') not often heard via this conglomerate." — Forced Exposure catalog

  1. "I give em all 5 stars"
  2. Samba Venez Norte
  3. In The Bosom of Uncle
  4. Junky Fado
  6. Hip Fog Swirl
  7. Old Nancy Wardrobe in the Dance Closet
  8. Hiccup Tribe Scan Tumor Flower
  9. A Bullet Through the Last Temple