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The Master Musicians of Bukkake

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The Visible Sign of the Invisible Order
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Siphoned from flying graveyards and fed through giant funnels of navigatory spirits to the haunted outskirts of behavior and all of its rickety platforms, an intuitive, much weirder America is on the rise. One formed from necessity and adaptation. One that won't give up their guns or their souls to the agencies trained to occupy them. Those who can communicate outside of language and direct energy on the inside are the only valid resistance to the creeping tumors of controlled humanity.

Founded as the result of the album "Lesser Angel of Failure" by John Schuller, the Master Musicians of Bukkake are a loose-knit posse of Seattle-based musicians performing collective ceremonial music, far removed from category and pushing well beyond the "outsider" fashions of those willing to settle for less.

From the opening gong of "Enter the Wang" to the extreme spiritual beauty of the finale "Circular and Made of the Earth", this music directs itself without a leader and that direction is as venerable, majestic and frightening, if not more so, than ANY music currently swirling through North America. On this stunning debut release, Schuller is joined by core members Randall Dunn, Brad Mowen, Don McGreevy, James Davis and the mysterious "Milk N' Cookies".

Violinist Eyvind Kang also appears on the record and has said of the Master Musicians of Bukkake: "It is illegal music..it's criminal what they are doing..you'll see!" (Kang is NOT referring to the 9 MM being fired repeatedly on track 13: one of a number of tracks recorded outdoors at undisclosed coastal/forested locales with the balance recorded in the studio).

Also noted as performing on various tracks are Alan Bishop/Charlie Gocher (Sun City Girls), Eryn Young, Shahzad Ismaily, Hammy, Branden Harper, Evan Schiller, Paul Moore, Olli Klomp, Javier Gallegos, Andrew McInnis, Benjamin Kennedy, and Luke LaPlante.


  1. Enter the Wang
  2. Bukkake Sunrise
  3. Yellow Bile / Desperate Ground
  4. Lucky Duck
  5. Pipestone Octopus with Horseheart
  6. Access of Evil
  7. The White Death
  8. Invisible Order
  9. Horseheart Revolution
  10. Pillow of Green Light
  11. My Dust Will Be What I Am
  12. Hidden From The Hidden Ones
  13. Custody's Last Battle / Secret Wars
  14. Black Bile
  15. Circular And Made of the Earth

'The Visible Sign of the Invisible Order' by the Master Musicians of Bukkake

The Master Musicians of Bukkake 2005
The Master Musicians of Bukkake 2005

The Master Musicians of Bukkake 2008
The Master Musicians of Bukkake 2008