Abduction Releases By

Gerald Hawk

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The Honey Guide Bird
ABDT 026 CD (2004)
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The second CD from obscure artist Gerald Hawk, The Honey Guide, is the music of opposites: laughter and misery, crazy and the grim, toytown and the city of fear. This curious recording is filled with hypnotic sound-fields and a queer feeling of humility. Stories of giants and witches are embedded in an outerworldly atmosphere. The music betrays an ability to enter into the supernatural space of abstract hoverings. Is he communicating with the dead, performing underwater rituals, or sketching a lush photographic awareness of the world?

'The Honey Guide Bird' by Gerald Hawk

King of the River Canoe
ABDT 017 CD (2001)
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Debut release by this obscure filmmaker. The last non-member of the Sun City Girls to release something on their Abduction label (Hal Russell) didn't live long to tell about it, but Gerald evidently thinks he's made of tougher stuff. This recording features acoustic muddle and the whispered rants of somebody with no fear of waking up in a bunker. A certain amount of Jandekian idolation/emulation/ass-ination raises the intrigue and as for the wind, it continues to blow. Don't be afraid to jump, straight down.

'King of the River Canoe' by Gerald Hawk