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Return of the Artist
ABDT 028 CD (2004)
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FINALLY! The Holy Ghost of Northwest underground hip hop becomes visible after two decades of producing an insane number of limited edition cassettes and CDRs from his mysteriously drifting pirate studio. A Seattle native, Painter, graffiti artist, sound manipulator, and local visionary, SPECS possesses the uncanny ability to combine simplicity and complexity to create honest, and significant hip hop that is both classical and timeless.

Journalist Charles Mudede, who once dubbed SPECS as "Seattle's Baudelaire" says: "Nothing but beauty streams out of Specs beat machine, and his raps address the listener intimately, as if he were rapping to you alone". Return of the Artist marks his first National release since the compilation Fourteen Fathoms Deep on the now defunct Loosegroove Records in 1996. An addictive vibe floats across the entire record. The rhymes are clever, never overstated, with occasional tripped-out choruses if the tracks are longer but if he's made his point, he's under and out. Standout cuts include "Ode to Mics," "Attack of the Clones," "Who Is He?" and "Rap Stuff." Also included here are some of his beautifully cryptic instrumental beats, a favorite side of many of those who've heard Specs earlier work. Return of the Artist is written and Produced by SPECS ONE.


  1. Open
  2. The S
  3. Attack of the Clones
  4. North
  5. Who is He?
  6. Rap Stuff
  7. Travel Addict
  8. Home Suite
  9. Only You
  10. Finding Mic
  11. Ode to Mics
  12. The Block
  13. Done
  14. Wide World
  15. Ode to Mics (Radio)
'Return of the Artist' by SPECS ONE