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Let's Roll. Abduction Records presents the fourth full-length from Oakland, California's one-man detonator, POREST. Tourrorists! is a diabolical folk power-stew told through swirling Mid Eastern psych-rockers, contraband cut-ups, illegal pop epics, instrumental songs of political sabotage and clever tales about travel, terror and more. This album is a lit-fuse, bound to be banned!

Discover the awful truth about becoming a US citizen. Bear witness to the tragic disco anthem of a Guantanamo escapee. Discover the inner-secrets of an emerging global cannibalism trade and get powerful information on some of the most exciting terror cells operating both in and outside of the United States today! 5,000 Americans died to bring you this album...and 5,000 more will die if you don't buy it RIGHT NOW!

(Also featured are special musical guests, including Finland's Aavikko.)


  1. Little Fiddle (1:12)
  2. Continental Revolt (2:19)
  3. Let's Roll (3:45)
  4. Eye of the Leopard (In English) (5:17)
  5. Levantine Spirit (2:19)
  6. We Eat the People (2:50)
  7. Mach Mach (:54)
  8. Hoyda (2:20)
  9. Monshallahm Visit (1:00)
  10. I.N.S. Urgent (3:52)
  11. Magic Carpet of the Holocaust Revival (3:28)
  12. Tropical Cancer (2:11)
  13. OFEK Down (2:51)
  14. Meat Supply (4:54)
  15. Pentagonal Parlor (1:07)
Tourrorists! - CD cover
CD cover