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Gerald Hawk: The Honey Guide Bird

(Abduction 026, 2004)

The second CD from obscure artist Gerald Hawk, The Honey Guide, is the music of opposites: laughter and misery, crazy and the grim, toytown and the city of fear. This curious recording is filled with hypnotic sound-fields and a queer feeling of humility. Stories of giants and witches are embedded in an outerworldly atmosphere. The music betrays an ability to enter into the supernatural space of abstract hoverings. Is he communicating with the dead, performing underwater rituals, or sketching a lush photographic awareness of the world?


  1. bought you a lollipop store just to watch you suck on things

  2. serious cool cowboy with a bubble mustache

  3. the southern mediterranean giants

  4. got lockjaw from a raccoon bite

  5. if it's not your hair it's your underwear

  6. some people know right from wrong...but i don't

  7. race my dogs across the arctic coast

  8. newspaper caught on a cookie

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