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The Sea Donkeys

The Sea Donkeys Volume 1

Limited edition one-time pressing 300 copies (180 gram vinyl LP), with insert.

This is the debut recording from an anonymous Seattle outfit of assembled misfits, sub-criminals, and castaways. Jettisoning down the fast current from the foggy low tides just off the glossy lipped pucker, this renegade band of pirate fuck-me-naughts slip into the dead stream with unwitting direction, abandoning tired navigational tools for a less reliable fate.

Imagine the Manson Family singing on a sinking ghost galleon sippin' salt water, willing to go down, down with the ship. Originally hatched on a decrepit boat, where some of these tracks were recorded on soupy nights till dawn upon the Puget Sound, the Sea Donkeys patrol the uncharted waters smuggling Barbary coast psychedelia into northern ports for their infrequent role as Lord Summerisle's house band.

Side 1

  1. Sailors
  2. Nurse
  3. interlude
  4. jenny
  5. angel
  6. raisa
  7. castaway
  8. crossing the equator

Side 2

  1. lydia
  2. donkey rites (dusk)
  3. castle
  4. mary
  5. barracuda
  6. the anchor song
  7. donkey rites (dawn)

'Sea Donkeys Volume 1' front cover