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Herb Diamante

May I Light Your Cigarette?
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This debut release from the mysterious Herb Diamante will transport you on a naughty journey through his speakeasy of debauchery and sin. These eleven tracks of alcohol, tobacco, and desire are driven by his rich, golden voice atop a psychedelic showroom of sound. Herb Diamante is perhaps the most unique lounge singer around. He sings songs about eggplants, yellow kazoos, and delicate stilettos. Then, he'll 'hail the fish-king' and finish you off with 'a wasp in a jam jar'. The elusive Englishman has finally allowed himself to be documented amidst a career built of legendary 'word of mouth' appearances on both sides of the Atlantic. A long, tragic set of strange circumstances and sporadic insanity has somehow combined to create Herb's extended and sometimes frighteningly vivid hallucinatory universe. However, he remains a hopeless romantic and will forever pursue his difficult and evasive vision.


  1. My Crazy Aubergine
  2. This Fire Burns
  3. Some Velvet Morning
  4. Sand
  5. A Delicate Stiletto
  6. Crying For Love
  7. Fishking
  8. A Freezing Night in Mozambique
  9. Polish
  10. Free Martini
  11. Wasp in a Jamjar
'May I Light Your Cigarette?' front cover