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Sir Richard Bishop: Wooden Guitar compilation

Wooden Guitar compilation - CDcover
CD cover

2003: compilation CD (Locust Music: 33)

Sir Richard Bishop's solo acoustic guitar piece, "Corpuscle," was included on this compilation CD originally issued in a numbered edition of 1,000 with a hand pulled, embossed silkscreened package. It has since been reissued in a standard jewel box edition.

The Locust Music catalog describes the Wooden Guitar compilation thusly: "Being an inspired excursion into the creases and folds of modern deltadelica and a loosely worn blues by four unaccompanied guitarists doing their thing and going it alone for a really long time."

"[A] brilliant compilation... [Rick Bishop's "Corpuscle"] call[s] to mind the ridiculously great Salvador Kali disc he released on the Revenant label back in 1998. Here, his ragas mix effortlessly with the blues, taking his music on a trip through the Mississippi Delta by way of the Latin influenced great American Southwest." — Michael Crumsho, Dusted Magazine

An excerpt from "Corpuscle" can be downloaded in the Cloaven Radio section of this site.