Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Sir Richard Bishop: Salvador Kali

Salvador Kali - CD cover
CD cover

Salvador Kali - LP cover LP cover

1998: CD (Revenant Records: 102)
2016: 2-LP (Exiled: EX06)

A full-length release of original compositions by Rick Bishop, mainly for guitar.

"[Sun City Girls] co-founder Rick Bishop steps out from behind the veil in Django-ized high style with 9 mostly improvised solo paeans to the glories of knighthood. Pieces for guitar, piano and other stringed instruments. Lyrical, triumphant and, yes, just as song-smithy as SCG classic Torch of the Mystics." — Revenant Records catalog

"Bishop is a splendid acoustic guitarist with a sure touch and an impressive vocabulary... Some of Bishop's compositions isolate one influence, others melt them together, but all of them possess a singular grace that deserves to be heard far beyond the confines of underground rock." — Inkblot Magazine


  1. Burning Caravan
  2. Rasheed
  3. Cadaques
  4. Pedro's Last Ride
  5. Al-Darazi
  6. Hadley
  7. Rose Room
  8. Kamakhya
  9. Morella