Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Grotto of Miracles

Grotto of Miracles - cover
LP cover

1986: LP (Placebo Records: PLA-19)

The second Sun City Girls album.

In the interim between the first album and this one, Sun City Girls appeared only on the More Coffee for the Politicians compilation (1985).

Side A:
  1. Radio Moocco
  2. Different Kind of Whore
  3. In a Lesbian Meadow
  4. Swing of Kings
  5. Damcar
  6. Kal El Lazi Kad Ham
Side B:
  1. Black Weather Shoes
  2. Mamas Milk (Too Dry)
  3. The Spice Nest
  4. Frankincense And Fish
  5. The Mystery of Death
  6. Ask Heem (202 456 7369)
  7. It's My Old Friend the Future