Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Sun City Girls

Sun City Girls (LP)
LP cover

1984: LP (Placebo Records: PLA 701)

The first Sun City Girls album.

Prior to this release, SCG appeared on three compilations: Ominous Clouds (1981, with one SCG song), Amuck (1981, with one actual SCG song and three other tracks with SCG members playing), and This is Phoenix Not the Circle Jerks (1982, featuring 2 or 3 cuts, depending on how you count 'em).

Side A:
  1. Caravan Of Scars
  2. Uncle Jim
  3. Hitman Boy
  4. Jokers on a Waltz
  5. Rubber Stamp Icons
  6. The Burning Nerve Ending Magic Trick
  7. Black Tent
Side B:
  1. 561B (For Alexis)
  2. Rapping Head
  3. My Painted Tomb
  4. Trippin' On Krupa
  5. Metaphors In a Mixmaster
  6. Your Bible Set Off My Smoke Alarm
  7. Helwa Shak
  8. Moment of a Million Lands
  9. Woman In Mourning
  10. Vomiting Diamonds