Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Bleach Has Feelings, Too!

Bleach Has Feelings Too - C-60
cassette cover

1987: C-60 (Cloaven Cassettes - 07)
2003: reissued by Eclipse Records (with additions & deletions) on a double-LP w/ the To Cover Up Your Right To Live cassette.

Six very different recordings about sex and religion.... or should we say SEXXXY RELIGION. "The Love of Life is To Become the Salmon" - Custer 1870.

Recorded 1983–84, except "Sprinkling the Demon Seed" recorded June 1985 at the corner of Powell and Market, San Francisco, CA.

Side A:
  1. Fog Hotel
  2. Personal Blow Job
  3. Status of Sperm
Side B:
  1. Laundry Room Satanist
  2. Sprinkling the Demon Seed
  3. Last Outpost