Official Sun City Girls Discography:


Amuck compilation
LP cover

1981: compilation LP (Placebo: PLA-103)

A compilation of punk bands from the Phoenix, AZ area. Placebo also released the This is Phoenix Not the Circle Jerks compilation the following year. (See also More Coffee for the Politicians.)

There are several tracks on this album of note to Sun City Girls fans, in addition to the SCG song. Paris 1942 (comprised of Alan and Rick Bishop of SCG and Maureen Tucker of Velvet Underground) contributed a cover of The Modern Lovers song "She Cracked." Charles Gocher played drums on the Poet's Corner track. And Alan does keyboards and vocals on the Destruction cut.

Side A:
  1. Dali's Daughter - "Cold War"
  2. Jody Foster's Army (JFA) - "Bouncer"
  3. Meat Puppets - "Unpleasant"
  4. Paris 1942 - "She Cracked"
  5. Killer Pussy - "Pepperoni Ice Cream"
  6. Sun City Girls - "Bobby Sands Boogie"
  7. Victory Acres - "Bottles Neck"
  8. Happy People - "Happy People"
  9. Soylent Greene - "Soylent Greene"
  10. Precious Secrets - "I Wanna Know"
  11. Teds - "After the War (Meat to Eat)"
Side B:
  1. International Language - "Long Journey to Nowhere"
  2. Knebnagauje - "Annex"
  3. Tone Set - "Out! Out! Out!"
  4. Poet's Corner (w/ Charles Gocher) - "History of the World and the Beat, Chapter 22"
  5. Mask - "Windows"
  6. Destruction (w/ Alan Bishop) - "Time"