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Alan Bishop The Sea Between My Soul

Alan Bishop: The Sea Between My Soul LP cover
LP cover

2021: 2-LP (Onassis Foundation: LP02)

In 2021, Onassis Foundation in Athens premiered a rock musical performed by taxidermy animals. It was Raed Yassin's "The Sea Between My Soul" crossing boundaries between installation and theater, music and light, and even life and death.

A morbid reflection on the long standing history of fatalities in the Mediterranean sea, the work will punctuated by the high-strung notes of Alan Bishop's singing voice, adding a whiff of absurdity to the otherwise apocalyptic scenario that surrounds us in the world today.

Promo only release in an unknown quantity and not for sale.

Music, Lyrics - Alan Bishop
Piano, Organ, Harpsichord, Clavinet, Backing Vocals - Adham Zidan
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Alto Saxophone - Alan Bishop
Cello - Amelie Legrand
Vocals, Percussion - Aya Hemeda
Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals - Cherif El Masri
Viola - Eyvind Kang
Vocals - Jessika Kenney
Drums - Morgan Mikkelsen
Vocals - Nadah El Shazley
Mastered by Mark Gergis
Produced by Alan Bishop & Adam Zidan

Side A
  1. Field Psychos
  2. Narration I
  3. Doorstep to Hell
  4. Money Badger
  5. Narration II
  6. Ten Thousand Times
Side B
  1. In the Middle of the Night
  2. Narration III
  3. Underrated
  4. Liars
  5. Narration IV
  6. If I Were A Bee Gee
Side C
  1. Trumpets of Death
  2. Chinese Pajamas
  3. Narration V
  4. My Dark Piano
  5. Big Kaka
Side D
  1. Narration VI
  2. The Black Moon
  3. Thoughts of he Cold Wind
  4. Victims