Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Princess Nicotine

Princess Nicotine - LP front cover
LP front cover

Princess Nicotine - LP front cover
LP back cover

1994: LP (Majora)
2003: CD (Sublime Frequencies: SF006)

A compilation of Burmese pop and folk music. The 2003 CD edition includes three tracks not on the original LP release.

Liner notes from the CD edition:

How do they do it? Are they smarter? Are they better? How can it be ignored or denied? How is it possible that one of the most unique, perfectly composed and performed, intense and awe-inspiring musical legacies the world has ever known is looming north of the equator physically tucked between world cultural giants India, China, and Thailand, without more than a whisper from ethnomusicologists or those who define themselves as "purveyors of world music"? Not only are the roots of this music unique, but so are the results after incorporating outside instrumentation from modern colonial and (unavoidable) international influence. What the Burmese have done with a piano is so precise in its adaptation to existing form and melody that one would think they invented it. Burmese music has a very distinct sound and whatever instrument is assimilated into its core only seems to magnify its original intent without depending upon outside ideas as they relate to each component of it. This collection will immediately bring you up to speed to what you have been missing all along. I'll leave the over-analyzation to those who undoubtedly will suffocate us with praise for this music in the future because the time is NOW to dig it and to put the REAL music of Myanmar on the map ONCE and for ALL. Here are some of the greatest names of the past 50 years of Burmese musical history from the original recordings featuring Mar Mar Aye, Bo Sein, and the incomparable Tonte Theintan. Listen, and be amazed!

Tracks in italics are only on the CD edition.

  1. Burmese Golden Drum (Bo Hein)
  2. Really Strainge and Weird Things (Sein Sah Thin)
  3. Beautiful Town (Mar Mar Aye)
  4. Elephant Dragon (Luan Moe)
  5. The Tune of The First Entertainment (Yangon Sein Kyi Moe)
  6. Jasmine Bush of Gold (Burma Thein Than)
  7. Someday He Will Return (Mar Mar Aye)
  8. Good Time (Yi Yi Thant / Aung Heina)
  9. Lover of Smiling Girls (Mandalay Sein Mottah)
  10. The Tune of The Second Entertainment (Yangon Sein Kyi Moe)
  11. Lover of The Winter and Snow (Tonte Theintan)
  12. My Darling's Love Arrow (Ni Ni Win Shwe)