Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Charles Gocher: Pint Sized Spartacus

Pint Sized Spartacus - cover art
CD cover

1997: CD (Gravelvoice: GVR-0014)

A Charles Gocher solo project recorded over the course of a year. More radio drama than music, a concept album loosely based on the film Spartacus but with the added twists of mental problems, Lucky Luciano, and the white slave trade in India.

Recorded with the help of Scott Colburn, Elaine DiFalco, Terry Nelson, Mike Bisio, Eyvind Kang, Amy Denio, Michael and Cynda.

A sample track can be downloaded in the Cloaven Radio section of this site.

  1. Fanfare
  2. Prologue
  3. Wanting Things
  4. Prodamare
  5. The Debate of One Splintered Soul
  6. His Evil Twin Brother Within
  7. Parting the Sea of Tranquility
  8. Speak Easy and Forever Hold Your Piece
  9. A Constructive Illusion
  10. Johnny "the Brain" Torrio: Attorney at Law
  11. Dissappearing in a Sea of Unbridled Personification
  12. Hymn for Kali Ma
  13. Sea of Samsara
  14. The Sound of One Cross Walking
  15. Flying on Scissored Wings
  16. Crucified at the Crossroads Between Shovel and Sky
  17. Angelo & Bessie