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Piano Bar

Piano Bar - LP cover
LP cover (2006)

Party accessories included in the ltd. ed. box version of 'Piano Bar'
Party accessories included in the box version

2006: LP (OQ'EBAL 001 CAXÓN)

This release includes 47 minutes of previously unavailable material. Pressed on high quality 180 gram vinyl manufactured in the USA. Hand screen printed covers printed by Alan Sherry at Siwa and featuring original artwork by Chris Crites. Includes offset printed menu insert.

Limited edition of 497 copies.

Limited Edition Box Version

The box version of Piano Bar includes a second new Sun City Girls LP, For Drummers Only, available only in this set. It is packaged in a hand made wooden box special designed and built by Alan Sherry of Siwa, with an exclusive set of bar items with custom printing. Limited to 108 copies.

The box verison of Piano Bar is available exclusively from Ri Be Xibalba.

Side A:
  1. Is This Working?
  2. Piano Bar (Introduction)
  3. Big Titular Deities
  4. The Great Fuck Inaccessible
  5. It's Not Working
  6. No Fuckin' Witnesses!
  7. History Lesson (part 1)
  8. Jemimah
Side B:
  1. Cuz I Fuckin' Love Ya
  2. Who Needs a Theremin?
  3. Sweater Puppets
  4. Piano Bar (Theme)
  5. Punishment in Peshawar
  6. That's How We Do It In the South (CDR Collector's Version)
  7. A Berserk Skill
  8. The Healing