Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Sir Richard Bishop: God Damn Religion

2008: DVD & CD (Locust Music: 107)

Elektronika Demonika - DVD cover
DVD cover Elektronika Demonika - DVD cover

Released February 2008

Official DVD release of Sir Richard Bishop's cracked film God Damn Religion with a bonus audio CD of the quasi soundtrack Elektronika Demonika, originally issued by Locust as a vinyl-only escapade in 2006. For centuries, man has used organized religion to control the hearts and minds (not to mention the pocketbooks) of the ignorant masses. Well, Sir Richard Bishop has decided he would like a piece of the action. This film is a diabolical experiment in hypnotic mind control - a phantasmagoric presentation of demonic and divine imagery, meticulously assembled and designed to put the viewer into an altered state of darkened awareness. Includes original music from Elektronika Demonika, as well as unreleased material. If you ever wanted to go to hell and back, this film will get you halfway there. Some viewers may find the imagery used in this film to be disturbing, but that's the idea. Contains some strong sexual content (as all true religion should). Not for the weak-minded, faint of heart, or those suffering from occasional seizures.