Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Sir Richard Bishop: Elektronika Demonika

2006: LP (Locust Music: 80)

Elektronika Demonika - LP cover
LP cover

There is no guitar on this record. Released 6-6-06. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl.

"Ear-shattering, dark electronics and radio communications gathered from various uncommon global frequencies, some of which were recorded from unauthorized satellite systems." — RB

Out of print.

"...a below-the-waterline experimental record that sources captured satellite broadcast and rafts of found sound into 40 untitled minutes of post-Patriot Act folkóBrian Eno's music for airports with no-fly lists, or the creepy/cool vibe of the Conet Project's still-unknown mystery shortwave spy stations fogged up to fill an entire full-length album, or the unverified Torre Bert recordings of transmissions from dying cosmonautsóa real spooky-sounds record for this spooky time."

— Chris Ziegler, OC Weekly, Nov. 2, 2006