Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Dawn of the Devi

Dawn of the Devi - LP cover
LP cover (1990)

1991: LP (Majora: VPAG-LP-5522)

"Dawn of the Devi is even more capricious [than Torch of the Mystics], telescoping its continent-hopping into discrete patches of utterly dizzying density. 'The Kissy Sting' lopes from combative tribal drumming to olde-tyme waltz elegance before disintegrating into a noise-boy hoot. There are pieces that stay on an even keel throughout — 'The Court Magicians of Agartha' puts an avant twist on kroncong (an Indonesian form of tango music) — but, for the most part, the album's hazy insularity (perfectly captured in a sleeve photo that pictures the trio, back to its audience, lost in the throes of an improv high) doesn't kowtow to stylistic neatniks."
   — David Sprague, Trouser Press web site

Side A:
  1. The Kissy Sting
  2. The Court Magicians of Agartha
  3. My Dinner With Rangda
Side B:
  1. Cad Walleder
  2. A Target Silhouette Punished Blameless