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Procession Towards The Unknown The Crystal Jaw

The Crystal Jaw LP cover
LP cover

2021: LP (Mental Groove: MG138)

The Crystal Jaw is a unique, immersive and crystalline sound creation made by Procession Towards The Unknown (Sammy Sayed, Alan Bishop, Sherif Elias, Amir El-Saidi and Ahmad Kubbara). It was recorded in Cairo in May 2021 Studio Kubbara

The Crystal Jaw is a 30 minute soundtrack created in May, 2021 for Sandrine Pelletier’s eponymous installation at Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Limited Edition of 100 vinyl copies
140gsm stamped and numbered white label
Heavy cardboard Z-Offset Natural FSC® 400gsm

Vocals and Flute: Sammy Sayed
Saxophone and Vocals: Alan Bishop
Synth Modular, Sampling and Processing: Ahmad Kubbara
Keyboards and Synth: Sherif Elias
Drums and Percussion: Amir El-Saidi

Recorded at Kubbara Studio Necropolis, Egypt
Mixed and Mastered by Sammy Sayed at Agareth Studio, Necropolis, Egypt
Artwork by Sandrine Pelletier