Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Carnival Folklore Resurrection Radio
Carnival Folklore Resurrection vols. 11 & 12

Carnival Folklore Resurrection Radio - CD cover
CD cover

2004: double CD (Abduction)

Limited edition of 400.

Originally aired on Brian Turner's WFMU radio show in November of 2002, this 2 CD set covers several areas of the SCG spectrum. You'll find elements of radio collage (from Thailand and beyond), trio Improv, pseudo-Rock, Folk, French and Italian pop, Noise, ethereal space music, answering machine messages, Uncle Jim rants, lounge, field recordings, fucked-up Hip-Hop and much MORE. Truly an essential SCG release.

The set also features the SCG soundtrack music to the opening shot from Harmony Korine's British TV documentary of David Blaine's 44 day fast in a suspended glass box over London and an excerpt from an actual Masonic Funeral! Several of the songs have been re-mixed from the original aired broadcast and ALL of the expletives from Uncle Jim's "Ghengis Necroma-KHAN" have been restored (during the broadcast on WFMU they were deleted by processed sound).

Disk 1: Radio One (CFR #11)
  1. Krung Thep Cut-Up
  2. Nibiru
  3. Seat Belts Cause Cancer
  4. Not in My League
  5. Unite airlines Theme 2001
  6. Insurance
  7. WFMU Sation ID "Palmer"
  8. Batman Theme
  9. LAID HENN "Straight Out The Mental Ward"
  10. Cautionary Signal #!
  11. Neptune Detours
  12. Krung Thep Cut-out
  13. Unplayable
  14. Eastern Air Command
  15. Masonic Funeral
Disk 2: Radio Two (CFR #12)
  1. The Rite of Spring Thing
  2. The GHENGIS-Necro-Nama-KHAN Pt. 1
  3. Post-Jet Groove
  4. Pranco De Gaulle
  5. The Peacock Angel
  6. The GHENGIS-Necro-Nama-KHAN Pt. 2
  7. The Rod Serling Stomp
  8. WFMU Sation ID "Bison"
  9. Swept Away
  10. SPECS ONE "Genosha"
  11. Shanghair Satellite
  12. Cautionary Signal #2
  13. The GHENGIS-Necro-Nama-KHAN Pt. 3
  14. Where is WHAT IT WAS?