Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Alvarius B. Sorban Palid

Alvarius B - Sorban Palid 7 inch cover
7" cover

8/14/2014: 7" (Poon Village: PV008)

Alvarius B booked an 8-show tour in August of 2014 in the Northeastern US and Canada. A free 7" was given away to the first 75 people who purchased tickets for each show. No copies were offered for sale to the public.

Tour Dates:

The FIRST 75 people to turn up at each show of the tour, w/ paid admission, got a FREE Poon Village Records' screenprinted, not-for-sale, tour-only 7" pressed at Gotta Groove Record Pressing. This super-limited-edition single features two previously unreleased recordings by Alvarius B. with artwork by Byron Coley. This is a tour-only release and was only given away to those attending the shows.

Note: the free 7" for both New York shows included a chapbook of poetry by Byron Coley. No other shows had this special chapbook included with the 7".

Side A
  1. Sorban Palid
Side B
  1. Queen Jane Specifically