Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Alvarius B. Karaoke

Alvarius B - Karaoke 7 inch cover
7" cover

9/15/2022: 7" (Unrock: UNR30-1)

If you ever witnessed an Alvarius B show you are probably aware that there are a few things only in underground music matching this level. If you haven't, don't miss him when he's coming close next.

"Karaoke" shows one of the many charakters you could explore during his shows. As his brother Richard, the other keyholder of Sun City Girls legacy, Alan Bishop played a lot of shows not only under the Alavrius B moniker on various Unrock stages through the years.

Solo Nostalgia (E. Morricone) and Tiba Tiba Tu Menangis (T. Koeswoyo) are songs which Alan rarely performed and they show off his alter-ego as a cosmopolite solo-entertainer.

Unrock's 30th anniversary as an entity seems to be a good reason to release those tracks at that point. Sound wizzardry by Peter Koerfer, photography by Hans van der Linden and realisation by Philip Lethen. One-time limited run on black vinyl.

Side A
  1. Solo Nostalgia (Morricone)
Side B
  1. Tiba Tiba Ku Menangis (Koeswoyo)