Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Alvarius B. Fuck You and the Horse You Rode In On

Alvarius B - Fuck You and the Horse You Rode In On LP cover
LP cover

10/15/2013: LP (Abduction: ABDT052)

The album title pretty much says it all. A brain-splattered document of pre-Sun City Girls weirdness by Alvarius B (Alan Bishop) from 1981-1983, consisting of raw, live and unfiltered home recordings on acoustic and electric guitar with effects, vocals, flute, harmonica, and other miscellaneous odd instruments. Extremely limited one time pressing of 400 LP copies.

Side A
  1. The Scissor's Mirror
  2. Wigglin' Daggers
  3. Want Anything from the Store?
  4. Slasher
  5. Problems
  6. A Minute Further
  7. Ambushing the Motorcade with Chainsaws
  8. Back to the Future
  9. Art Can Count to 5
  10. Pirates Kill for the Fuck of it
  11. Kid Death
  12. Blue Legba
  13. Billy's Jeans
  14. Maricopa
  15. Sandnigger
  16. Bloody Windshield Twinkling in the Midnight Rain
  17. Green Sleeves
Side B
  1. Passenger Seat People
  2. Turquoise Blues
  3. Strangle You Now
  4. Grandpa's Checkered Trousers
  5. Evil Hearted Dub
  6. If I Could be Cheerios just for One Day
  7. Beware the Black Chopper
  8. Ethno Muse Ecology
  9. The Last Highway