Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Apna Desh / Rookoobay

Apna Desh / Rookoo Bay - disc
The 78

1994: 10-inch 78 rpm (Perfect: 15612)

A gen-yoo-ine 78 rpm record, just like the old days. Both songs (using different mixes) later appeared on the 330,003 Cross Dressers from Beyond the Rig Veda double CD.

Dean Blackwood started the 78-only label Perfect in 1994, and this was one of its first releases. Perfect later released a double-78 by John Fahey. Blackwood subsequently became Fahey's manager, and this relationship ultimately led to the founding of Revenant Records.

Side A:
  1. Apna Desh
Side B:
  1. Rookoo Bay