Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Sir Richard Bishop: While My Guitar Violently Bleeds

2007: CD & LP (Locust Music: 90)

While My Guitar Violently Bleeds - CD/LP cover
CD/LP cover

"Bishop displays a virtuosity that borders on the flabbergasting." - Pitchfork

"searchingly original and experimental" - Art forum

"miraculous and the mysterious in equal portions" - Dream

"Bishop creates abstract and dissonant fingerstyle webs that evoke those famous LSD experiments with spiders; and he stretchesout in long raga-influenced improvisations that accelerate into flatpicked furies. " - Acoustic Guitar

This is an essential document by one of America's most original and inventive unaccompanied guitaristsworking today. While My Guitar Violently Bleeds is a splendid three piece gem in which the good Sir branches out & nods to points west, east & otherworldly. Classic spaghetti western tinged spidery fretwork ("Zurvan"), Fushitsusha style feedback drenched psych decay ("Smashana") and a brilliant lengthy raga epic ("Mahavidya") round out the proceedings by the Sun City Girls master musician.


  1. Zurvan
  2. Smashana
  3. Mahavidya