Official Sun City Girls Discography:


Wah - CD cover
CD cover

2002: CD (Abduction: ABD 023)

Limited edition of 500. All cuts recorded by Sun City Girls.

A very limited reissue of a CD originally available only during the November 2002 tour.

"The record features instrumental tracks of drums, bass, and electric guitar with Rick Bishop's wah-wah peddle in full force throughout. Recorded in a Seattle garage in 2001, the feel of this record is reminiscent of a late-sixties trio of acid stoners jamming into the night. The playing is fluid, direct, and spontaneous with that semi-coherent SCG touch which is only known to those who know their sound." — Forced Exposure catalog

  1. Two Swords Superior Gold
  2. The Color of Holy Water
  3. Frozen Signatures
  4. Baked Asterisk
  5. Distorted Views