Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Valentines from Matahari

Bright Surroundings Dark Beginnings - LP cover
LP cover art

1993: LP (Majora: VPAG-LP-5765)
1998: CD (Majora: MAJ 7001)

"Mostly recorded live on earth (not necessarily in front of other humans), the material on Valentines is mixed blazingly loud, up front and in your face, particularly notable for the special crystalline nature of Rick Bishop's guitar playing – a melding of psychedelics, sharding post-Ginn scale extensions and Eastern-tinged luminosity. Alan Bishop's bass is in full accompanying force, pushing the improvisational zig zaggery element of the band to its core (although perhaps best known for his sparkling skills 'n manners of deception, manipulation & charm, Alan just might be the most significantly underrated bass player of the last 15 years!). Charles Gocher's clattering traps fill out the remaining spaces in the middle perfectly. ...A most significant record...." — Forced Exposure catalog

Side A:
  1. Black Tent
  2. Helicopters In A Vacuum
  3. On The Sign
  4. Caravan of Scars
Side B:
  1. Sev Acher
  2. Spark Chuckle Mustard
  3. Metaphors in a Mixmaster
  4. Levitating Orchards
  5. Caveat Emptor
  6. Circus Haddam