Official Sun City Girls Discography:

That Old Western Sieve

That Old Western Sieve - C-60
cassette cover

1989: C-60 (Cloaven Cassettes - 21)

If you are paying attention as you should, you may have guessed that this is actually Cloaven Theatre #4 due to the song titles. Well, it is and it isn't, much like you would be if you could be.

Side A:
  1. Vientiene
  2. Search
  3. You've Got No Business to Like Show Business
  4. Regina Provenzano
  5. Death of Disney Pirates
  6. Dahomey Auction
  7. Operation
  8. Mariana Wench
  9. Mild Molestation
  10. Blues of Gold
Side B:
  1. Dueling Dildos
  2. Alright Woman
  3. And So the Dead Tongue Sang
  4. Ojibway
  5. Litany For Doug Goss
  6. I Recover the Waterfront
  7. I Knew a Jew Named Frankenstein
  8. Crawdaddy
  9. MacArthur Park
  10. The Bearded Hermes