Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Static from the Outside Set
Carnival Folklore Resurrection vol. 14

Static from the Outside Set - cover
CD cover

2006: CD (Abduction: ABDT-035)

Limited one time pressing of 1000 copies.

Created for the On the Wire Radio Lancashire show, aired only once and never archived, Static from the Outside Set is a delirious roller-coaster ride through the prism of Sun City Girls audio archaeology.

Hosted by the corpse of Mexican film legend Cantinflas, this 60 minute radio show is packed with unreleased SCG nuggets from studio tracks of classic cover tunes "Gently Johnny" and "Gimme that Wine" to absurdist Radio narratives "Sacrifice in the USA" and "Lester's Dictionary."

Not since the halcyon days of Ken Nordine's word jazz programs have radio shows been prepared to fuck your mind with a blunt dagger yet SCG are much more diabolical and have spiked the punch with plenty of morphine drip and a demerol lollipop or two thrown in to ease the unease.

  1. Introduction (by Cantinflas)
  2. The Amuck Theory
  3. Anthrax Dandruff
  4. Spin Capsules
  5. Mysteries Behind the Curtain
  6. Radio Neocon #1
  7. Blanket's Mirage
  8. Waco Herdsmen
  9. Summer Dream (Amherst 2004)
  10. Limerick Anthropology
  11. Headaches Forever
  12. Sacrifice in the USA
  13. Radio Neocon #2
  14. Gimme That Wine
  15. Give them the Frequencies
  16. Instant Archaeology
  17. Tea Boy Attitude
  18. Radio Neocon #3
  19. Lester's Dictionary
  20. Iced-Off Broccoli
  21. Radio Neocon #4
  22. Broken Interlude
  23. Gently Johnny
  24. Elvis & Machinery
  25. Bacchanalia
  26. A Commercial Message
  27. Zebra Hymn Tattoo
  28. Django-ized
  29. End Titles (w/ Cantinflas)