Official Sun City Girls Discography:

The Palm Trees of Victory

The Palm Trees of Victory - C-60
cassette cover

1987: C-60 (Cloaven Cassettes - 13)

A live cabaret of broomstick philosophy reincarnated by your gluttonous appetite for wit and charm. "You'll never find this island on any map!"

Side 1 #1,2,3,4 and Side 2 #1,2,3 recorded Live at Metro 11/86. The rest recorded in Dens across the Sun Belt – Bible Belt is a couple of sizes too big. 1986-87. The difference between the rich and poor are vegetables.

Side A:
  1. Nancy
  2. Frankincense and Fish
  3. Mystery of Death
  4. Jack the Ripper
  5. Ask Heem
Side B:
  1. Porno Shop
  2. It's My Old Friend...The Future
  3. Uncle Jim
  4. Bedtime Story
  5. Incest
  6. Give Me a Problem
  7. Beware My Love
  8. Respected for Being Irrespectable