Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Montreal Pop

Montreal Pop - LP cover
LP cover

2006: bootleg LP

This LP contains some of the more magical moments of a SCG show at the Montreal Suoni Per Popolo festival in June 2004. It appears to be recorded from the soundboard and the fidelity is excellent and some of the material is unbelievably FUCKED! We couldn't have done it better ourselves!

"A fabulous recording captured from the soundboard and broadcast quality. Perhaps the best representation of the more modern period of this band live, craziness, crowd heckling and talk of killing children, what more could one want." — Forced Exposure

Side A:
  1. 21st Century International
  2. Six Kids of Mine
  3. Man Destroys the Things he Loves part 1
  4. Aristocrats of Impertinance
  5. Man Destroys the Things he Loves part 2
  6. Abydos
Side B:
  1. Natural High
  2. My Painted Tomb / Caravan
  3. Cafe Batik
  4. Without Compare