Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Mister Lonely OST

Mister Lonely OST - cover
cover (2008)

2008: soundtrack LP / CD (Drag City: DC360)

Released on April 22, 2008

"When Harmony Korine started the production for his film Mister Lonely back in 2006, he asked two of his favorite artists to send him music to accompany the images and scenes he was putting together. They were busy, so fuck 'em, they get no ink here -- but both Jason Spaceman and Sun City Girls were actually his favorites anyway. Some of the sounds these two formidable musicals acts made comprise the all-new soundtrack album, Mister Lonely -- Music From A Film By Harmony Korine. Korine's previous films have found their truths in unblinking realities cross-cut with surreal images, exposing an emotional core that remains elusive after the movie is over -- ennui, delight, disgust, celebration... soft-core snuff porn? Mister Lonely subtly heightens all these effects with a narrative involving celebrity impersonators searching for a place where they just can be themselves and nuns who have discovered a new way to fly. The soundtrack for Mister Lonely is deceptively minimal -- a guitar or piano line that blinks past repetition and blushes into something grander; a motif reappearing under new auspices; link pieces that become spotlight moments, densely worked-out, stars in their own right. Classic soundtrack sounds are modern and nostalgic, which may make the progressive tilt of Mister Lonely 2008's #1 dark-horse chart-topper! Working independently and never collaborating (would you believe in studios right next door to each other? How about in same studio during different hours of the day?), Jason Spaceman and Sun City Girls employ an instrumental approach for the sounds here, with one or two chanted exceptions. Their music conspires in an exquisite corpse-like fashion -- without knowing what the other was doing, they've each brought half a body to the film, supplying the apparitional and austere sounds of a world in which everyone is something they're not, i.e. the people they dream of being."

  1. J. Spaceman - Michael's Opening
  2. J. Spaceman - Blues 1
  3. J. Spaceman - Blues 2 (Intro)
  4. Sun City Girls - 3D Girls
  5. J. Spaceman - Panama 1
  6. Sun City Girls - Spook
  7. J. Spaceman - Garden Walk
  8. Sun City Girls - Steppe Spiritual
  9. J. Spaceman - Pope In The Bath
  10. Britta Gartner - Nun's Prayer
  11. Sun City Girls - Lonely Viola
  12. Sun City Girls - Beryl Scepter
  13. Rachel Korine - Red Riding Hood's Hangman
  14. J. Spaceman - Stooges Harmonica
  15. Werner Herzog - Father Umbrillo's Broken Nation
  16. J. Spaceman - Musicbox Underwater
  17. Sun City Girls - Circus Theme
  18. Sun City Girls - Vine Street Piano
  19. J. Spaceman - Paris Beach
  20. Sun City Girls - Farewell