Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Libyan Dream
Carnival Folklore Resurrection vol. 7

Libyan Dream - CD cover
CD cover

2001: CD (Abduction: ABD 018)

Limited edition of 1000. Recorded by Scott Colburn, SCG, and Wade Olson.

All titles composed by SCG except #1 (Amboy Dukes), #5 (traditional), #7 (traditional).

Libyan Dream was originally released as 50 cassette copies dropped in cassette vendors racks in various cities throughout SE Asia in 1993. (See Oddities and Miscellaneous Releases.)

  1. Journey To The Center of The Mind
  2. Instantaneous Decisions
  3. The VinegarStroke
  4. Carl the Barber
  5. Wild World of Animals
  6. Tripoli Winds / Palm Desert aerial
  7. Sangkala Suite
  9. Opium Den
  10. Libyan Dream