Official Sun City Girls Discography:


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Juggernaut - still
Still from Juggernaut (1994).

uggernaut - still
Still from Juggernaut (1994).

1994: soundtrack LP (Abduction: ABDT-002)
2007: soundtrack CD (Abduction: ABDT-002)

Soundtrack for the unreleased 1994 film by Mark Roman Bodnar and Kyrill Kazemirovitch Protsenko. (Run time: 25 min.)

This album was recorded at the same time as the the soundtrack for Piasa...Devourer of Men. The songs "Bus Scene" and "Suck In" were also recorded for Juggernaut, but were not released.

Side A:
  1. Gravelhead
  2. Outskirts of the Possible
  3. My Friend Nothing (Main Title)
  4. Bird in a Grave
  5. The Life Expectancy of a Fly
Side B:
  1. Expendable City
  2. Spatial Retreat
  3. Cloudbuster
  4. The Darkest Look
  5. Among All Flat