Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Jazz At The Court

Jazz At The Court - CDR cover
CD-R cover

2021: CD-R (House of Chadula: 2021)

Eugene Chadbourne And special guests

"The SUN CITY GIRLS was how this special night at the Court Tavern, part of a small East Coast tour leg that combined these radical forces on the release of the Country Music in the World of Islam tour. There was a 15 minute jazz medley performed as a quartet that night, and this disc also includes a longer section on an earlier night. Jazz was frequently a subject during my solo shows at the Court and from the sound board trove we also have a handful of really pristine Monk treatments, Crepescule on a really groovy 12 string..."

Sun City Girls play on the jazz medley and the last track.

  1. Ask Me Now
  2. Criss Cross
  3. Light Blue
  4. A Picture Of Me Without You
  5. Miss Ann
  6. Hackensack
  7. Coltrane Medley
  8. Jazz Upstairs, Rock Downstairs
  9. Jazz At The Court
  10. Memories Of New Brunswick
  11. Hackensack 2
  12. Crepuscule With Nellie
  13. It's A Wonderful World
  14. Astral Travelogue And Charlie And Eugene's Christmas Song