Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Jacks Creek

Jacks Creek - LP cover
LP cover art

1994: LP (Abduction: ABDT-006)
2007: CD (Abduction: ABDT-006)

"The album is full of prairie-campfire nonsense played on tittering banjo, military snare, honky-tonk piano, and tin flute, and tied together by between-song episodes of babbling and storytelling." — HotWired

Side A:
  1. Gurnam
  2. Bubblin' Greenery
Side B:
  1. Useless Stillborn
  2. Pork Floozle
  3. Fact the Business
  4. Double Suicide Over a Saddle
  5. Jazz Music of the Civil War
  6. A Chase Through Sweet Lips
  7. Jacks Creek