Official Sun City Girls Discography:

The Handsome Stranger
Carnival Folklore Resurrection vol. 8

The Handsome Stranger - CD cover
CD cover

2001: CD (Abduction: ABD 020)

Limited edition of 1000. Recorded at Gravelvoice, GBU & Maple Leaf by Scott Colburn and SCG during 1997-1998.

"A Goucher-led acid fantasy about the fulfillment of Jack Kennedy's spirit elevation... That means you should buy a ticket today." — Forced Exposure catalog.

  1. Shadowland
  2. Prisoner of Mold
  3. Isle of Spree / Foley's Halloween
  4. Leprosey of Melbourne
  5. The Calcium Kiss
  6. Grease That Lightnin' Bolt
  7. Carcass Investigation
  8. The Handsome Stranger
  9. Drifting on Shadows