Official Sun City Girls Discography:

The Fresh Kill of a Cape Hunting Dog

Fresh Kill - C-60
cassette cover

1987: C-60 (Cloaven Cassettes - 12)

A great sampler of the SCG spectrum from cut-ups to ambient genocide to Wagnerian trash to tropical hallucinations. This "music" was captued from a moving truck in a Sierra Vista on a cloudy day. Horns by Charlie Parker. Guitar by Moses. Drums by N Rockefeller. Sex by ??.

Side A:
  1. Amphitheatre of Pause
  2. Avoid the Hyenas
  3. Carri-On
  4. I Told You So
  5. Entrail-Littered Savannah
Side B:
  1. Diet-Blue Morbid Attraction Soda
  2. Ya Raitni
  3. Ajax Flood Lamp
  4. Casa Loma
  5. Poppies
  6. Nile Hilton Burning
  7. Dolores
  8. Atomic Jackals