Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Exotica on Five Dollars a Day

Exotica on 5 Bucks a Day - C-60
cassette cover

1987: C-90 (Cloaven Cassettes - 10)

The Terrorism Music is made of. This tape is ethnic eccentricity at its most fragrant, but don't forget that many foreigners despise Americans.

Recorded in a kitchen, side rooms, etc. in 1985 – except "9 Sides" and "Ride Nomad Burn!" recorded 1983 in a hallway. Some instruments on "It's Ours" courtesy UNICEF.

Side A:
  1. It's Ours
  2. It's Here
Side B:
  1. 9 Sides of Air
  2. Ride Nomad Burn!
  3. The Hash Eaters
  4. Lies Up the Niger