Official Sun City Girls Discography:


Dulce - cover
LP cover

1998: soundtrack LP (Abduction: ABDT-010)
2007: soundtrack CD (Abduction: ABDT-010)

Soundtrack for the unreleased feature film Dulce (1995), directed by Hachiro Maki.

"Electro Bovine Method" was recorded live in the studio with Ruins and Eyvind Kang. "Deception Reception" features Jesse Paul Miller on clarinet.

The original insert was carelessly NOT inserted into the LP jackets by the record manufacturer. There was also a Japanese translation of the text on the flipside of the English notes by Satomi of Deerhoof.

From the original liner notes by Alan Bishop:

A nervous, stuttering Japanese gentleman phones me in the fall of 1995 requesting soundtrack services from Sun City Girls for his new film project about a secret underground alien base in New Mexico most commonly referred to as "Dulce." ...[T]he real kick for us came when our new Japanese friend finally announced his allegiance to the esoteric Aum Shinrikyo group most famous for the Sarin gas poisoning in a Tokyo subway not long ago. He also professed to be a former associate of Aum technical minister Hideo Murai who was killed by a Korean hitman in April, 1995. Murai...joined the Aum priesthood in 1986, becoming the head of its science unit focusing on the current state of electromagnetic weapons development including EM beams using lasers and plasma....

We flew to Japan to perform a few shows in April, 1996 and a clandestine meeting was arranged with our mysterious director friend on one of our days off in the electronics district of Osaka which happened to be less than a mile from where we were staying. So Doctor Gocher and I pretended to take a souvenir-gathering stroll down the hill and met "Hachiro Maki" (a pseudonym, I'm sure) nearby in a temple courtyard. After thirty minutes of reviewing rough cuts on his swivel-screen Hi-8 camera and discussing the necessity of anonymity in today's international fast lane, we were one million yen richer with an 8mm tape in my back pocket. Haven't heard from him since....

Side A:
  1. Dulce (Main Title)
  2. Electro Bovine Method
  3. Deception Reception
  4. Descent to Level Seven
  5. I Won't Come Home (realization)
Side B:
  1. Dark Business As Usual
  2. Sweet Fatal Reflections
  3. The Victory, Biological
  4. Whirley In the Noose
  5. Dulce (guitar theme)
  6. Bobbing the Bloody Vats
  7. Unwind Your DNA