Official Sun City Girls Discography:

Beginnings Dark

Beginnings Dark - LP cover
LP cover

2007: LP (Enterruption)

"Beginnings Dark" is a ridiculously different perspective into a classic SCG song: The Venerable Song (the meaning of which is still unknown) brought to our attention by recent advances in reverse technologies. An elaborately packaged one-sided LP, featuring the art of Bonnie Banks, Santos, Eric Mackie, and of course, Sun City Girls.
Packaging also includes: Foil-stamped and die-cut slip-covers, hand-colored inserts by Bonnie Banks, screen-printed B-side art by Santos, 3x (of 12x) inserts by Eric Macki, 2x sheets of stickers, multiple inserts, and some more inserts. A One-time Only edition of 320x, white vinyl, never ever to be re-pressed." - Enterruption

Side A:
  1. Beginnings Dark
Side B:
  1. screen print artwork (no music)