History of Sun City Girls Performances: 2000 – Present

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3-18 The Rainbow (Seattle)
10-26 Eye Spy (Seattle) w/ Climax Golden Twins
11-18 Bottom of the Hill (SF, CA) w/ 3-Day Stubble


5-19 The Rainbow (Seattle)
6-1 Anza Club (Vancouver, BC) w/ Jackie O Motherfucker


2-16 The Pearl (Seattle)
2-23 The Pearl (Seattle)
5-17 Sit and Spin (Seattle) w/ Miss Murgatroid
11-1 Bottom of the Hill (SF, CA) w/ Eyvind Kang and the Neti Neti Band / Gerald Hawk
11-2 Bottom of the Hill (SF, CA) w/ Monopause / Gerald Hawk
11-3 Hemlock Tavern (SF, CA) w/ Eyvind Kang and the Neti Neti Band / Gerald Hawk
11-6 Hollywood Alley (Mesa, AZ) w/ Victory Acres / Eddy Detroit
11-8 Club Congress (Tucson, AZ) w/ Coin
11-9 Troubador (LA, CA) w/ Trunken Karnickel
11-13 Dante's (Portland, OR) w/ Listening Station
11-15 Empty Bottle (Chicago, IL) w/ 90-Day Men
11-16 Knitting Factory (NY, NY) w/ Outhud
11-17 Knitting Factory (NY, NY) w/ Outhud
11-30 Graceland (Seattle) w/ Climax Golden Twins


10-28 Rendezvous Lounge (Seattle)
12-6 Java Jive (Tacoma, WA) w/ SPECS ONE


3-27 All Tomorrow's Parties Festival (East Sussex, England)
4-10 The Red Barn (Amherst, MA) — Gladtree Festival w/ No Neck Blues Band / Cerberus Shoal / Dredd Fool / many others
4-11 Paradise Lounge (Boston, MA) w/ Sunburned Hand of the Man
4-12 Anthology Film Archives (New York City) — Film presentation only
4-13 The Coral Room (New York City) w/ No Neck Blues Band
4-14 The Khyber Pass (Philadelphia, PA) w/ Bardo Pond / Fursaxa
4-16 Speed Art Museum (University of Louisville, KY) — Film presentation only
4-17 The Rudyard Kipling (Louisville, KY) w/ the Belgian Waffles
5-6 The Empty Bottle (Chicago, IL) — film presentation, plus The Oxes
5-7 The Empty Bottle (Chicago, IL) w/ Neung Phak
5-8 Onopa Brewing Co. (Milwaukee, WI) w/ Neung Phak
5-9 Triple Rock Social Club (Minneapolis, MN) w/ Neung Phak
5-21 Berbati's Pan (Portland, OR) w/ Cerberus Shoal
5-22 Sunset Tavern (Seattle, WA) w/ Cerberus Shoal
6-4 La Sala Rossa (Montreal, QC)
6-5 La Sala Rossa (Montreal, QC)
9-3 Bumbershoot Music Festival (Seattle, WA) at the EMP Sky Church
10-21 Ash Street Saloon (Portland, OR) w/ Six Organs of Admittance
10-22 China Clipper Club Cafe (Olympia, WA) w/ Six Organs of Admittance
10-28 The Knitting Factory (Los Angeles, CA) w/ Six Organs of Admittance
10-29 The Bottom of the Hill (San Francisco, CA) w/ Neung Phak / Six Organs of Admittance
10-30 The Werepad (San Francisco, CA) w/ Secret Chiefs 3 (Ishraqiyun) / Master Musicians of Bukkake
11-5 The Triple Door (Seattle, WA) w/ Six Organs of Admittance
11-12 Emo's (Austin, TX) w/ Rubble


9-14 Instal Festival (Glasgow, Scotland) w/ Jandek, Hijokaidan, Birchville Cat Motel, Directing Hand, Loren Mazzacane Connors, and many others.


12-9 All Tomorrows Parties' The Nightmare Before Christmas Festival (Minehead, Somerset, England), Dec. 8-10 w/ 57 groups including Iggy & The Stooges, Sonic Youth, Flipper, Nurse With Wound, The New Blockaders With The Haters, Peter Brotzmann, Gang of Four, Deerhoof, Six Organs of Admittance, and many others.


1-25 Club Transmediale Festival (Berlin, Germany) w/ Pierre Bastien / Alexander's Annexe.

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