VHS video releases.

If you ever wondered what a Sun City Girls TV show would be like, these videos will serve that purpose. All ranging from 45 minutes to an hour, these "shows" are jam-packed with live excerpts, skits, rants, collage film pieces with unreleased SCG music, cut-up Girls music videos, Gocher Prophecy, Uncle Jim Freak-outs, RB Guitar Solos, Jazz Classics puppet cameos, odd characters, special guest appearances and too many other ideas to mention here. These are ALL Completely FUCKED-UP! You will NOT be disappointed as each one is highly entertaining.

Spanning 20 years of collective footage edited for your viewing pleasure, these 6 videos will ONLY be available through this web site and then they will magically disappear! Think of them as the video accomplice to the Cloaven cassette audio tapes of the 1980s. And...of course, there are MORE to come! Buy them while they last!

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