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Mic Mulligan & S. Future Original Space Neighbors

(Abduction, 2006)

From the mind that brought you ‘RETURN OF THE ARTIST’ in 2004, pops two more figments of imagination straight from the ether: MIC MULLIGAN and S. FUTURE are ORIGINAL SPACE NEIGHBORS. Planet Earth, ready yourselves for a cosmic awakening soaring deeper into late-night satellite smoke from this mini-LP of MEGA proportions. Sci-Fi beats from Lo-Fi outer space intersect the big-bang theory of hip-hop morphing humanity into dripping plasma as S. FUTURE’S floating laboratory hovers low over the earth. These messages from the outer spheres of urban spaceship exotica are delivered in and out of time and rhyme by the MIC of MULLIGAN with a handful of cameo appearances. Those special guests include: UNCLE JIM, JAH NICE, NIGGERACHI, & the Space Needle! Limited to 500 copies.

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