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Neung Phak (Fucking USA 7-in)

(Abduction 031, 2005)


When Pyongyang Airlines flight 009 from North Korea landed at San
Francisco International Airport, the members of Neung Phak stepped
defiantly onto the tarmac- clutching the master tapes for their
compelling new single "FUCKING USA", which were rushed to Abduction
records for immediate release. This is the first recording ever made by
"Americans" in Pyongyang's Kim Studios -and it shows! The extended
play B-side features a new version of the Thai classic "TUI TUI TUI"
and a journey into experimental pop balladry that is second to none-
a radio friendly "Far King USA". This vibrant explosion of color and
hatred comes dressed to kill in a beautiful package on the thickest
vinyl there is. Neung Phak backsides the forefront once again!
(Edition of 300 copies, thick vinyl, and full color picture sleeve!)

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